Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

How would you spend a sick day?  When you and everyone else in the house is sick, I'd say there's nothing you wish for more than quiet, rest, and a speedy recovery.  Well, and maybe to not run out of tissues.

Best Sick Day Ever

Best Sick Day Ever by c-russell on Polyvore

On this sick day, I would totally rock those Doctor Who pajamas with my red and runny nose.  I'd curl up under a blanket on the couch and turn on series 2 of Doctor Who, since it starts off with David Tennant in pajamas too after all!  Then, I'd take a nap and dream of being whisked away as the Doctor's newest companion.  Allons-y!  Yes, that sounds like the best sick day ever!  

Too bad moms don't get sick days.  I'm just hoping maybe I get to sleep in a little longer.  I will be spending my weekend blowing kids' noses and also my own, rubbing vapor rub on chests, and maybe making some chicken soup.  Dreams of the Tardis will have to wait.  Here's to hoping we are all better soon!  

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