Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mid Week Progress Report

This past Sunday, I made the decision it was time to change course.  I was tired of going backwards in my weight loss journey.  On Monday, I made the post on here about my decision and my goals.  I'm not back to report numbers yet, but I am back to keep my motivation up!  I've been on the treadmill every day this week.  I've done ab exercises every day this week.  And wow can I feel the effects of that!  I'm more careful about snacking, and I've been drinking more water.  I also haven't added salt to a single meal this week (Shhh, I don't think Hubby has noticed)!  I'm actually looking forward to setting foot on the scale again on Monday, which honestly I have not been excited about in some time.

I'm also eager to get the kids out of the house and get to the park whenever weather permits now.  Sunday was a beautiful day.  Absolutely perfect weather for this time of year, and we headed off to a nearby park.  I insisted we take a trail through the woods before hitting the playgrounds and the kids obliged.

On Tuesday, I made one of our regular trips to another park, Flowing Well Park, where we can load up on free spring water.  It is seriously good water, and we don't drink tap water around here.  It's 'well' worth the trip!

I filled up over 40 gallons of water and lugged them back to the van so that was my workout for the day.  After that we took to a trail through a small wooded area.  It was colder than it had been on Sunday, but still a very lovely day.  And I got some very lovely pictures to show for it.

I don't know where my motivation has been hiding for the past two years, but I feel like I finally have it back.  Also, I feel like if I keep saying that enough, and keep typing that enough, I'll stick with it!  As I said on Monday, this is my accountability.  I only want to have positive results to share with you!

I know a few other people who are working towards a similar goal right now, and I hope that sharing my journey helps to motivate them as well!!  However, my goal for this particular post is to give me a positive boost to get through the weekend and see a success on Monday!  Stay tuned!

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