2013 Photo a Day

A Photo A Day Project

So I'm stealing this idea from a good friend, but I don't think she'll mind.  It's my resolution this year to capture a special moment every day of something, anything, in our lives.  I can't wait to look back over 2013 and see that it really is the little things that make life so great!


June 2013

Day 15:

First off, sorry for the slew of Instagram photos this week.  The phone has just been so handy and always laying around that it's quick to snap a shot and move on.  I also have been without a keyboard for a few days so haven't been able to do much editing on any good photos.  I'll make a special effort to get some good ones next week!  

That being said, today's photo is the first glass of cold brew iced coffee of the season.  We love the cold brew in the summer and as you can see behind the glass we make it buy the bucketful!  That's 2 gallons of delicious dark roast coffee now chilling in the fridge for whenever we get the urge for drink a glass!  And being that it's cold brewed, it has much less caffeine, and you can drink it all day long!  I plan on it anyway!

Day 14:

These kiddos love to picnic!  Every chance they get they want to eat outside, but today however they said I wasn't invited to their picnic!!!  I had to sit on my own blanket instead!  I was torn between the joy of getting the extra room and not bumping elbows while eating our sandwiches as well as them getting along together so well....and the fact that I wasn't wanted at their picnic!  I think they're forgetting who made those sandwiches for them! LOL

Day 13:

A photo cheat here.....technically one photo, but they were so precious I had to sneak the extras in somehow!  It was a stunningly beautiful day after the crazy wind and rain we had overnight.  It was definitely the perfect kind of day to fill up the baby pool and have some fun!

Day 12:

Moved onto Book 4 today.  I'm quickly working my way through the series.  I've been watching each movie as I finish the book as well.  I seriously can't believe I waited so long to get into these!

Day 11:

Snugglin' with my pupperdog tonight!  She's in heat and seems more tired than usual.  All she wants is left alone snuggled under the big blanket!  I can't blame her, when it's my time I feel the exact same way!

Day 10:

I wasn't kidding about the leftovers.  These are two racks that didn't even get touched last night because we had so much food!  Nom nom nom!!!

Day 9:

Can you say yum?  We had the most amazing dinner this evening (and several days worth of leftovers!).  This was our first time using our new smoker and we did spare ribs.  To.  Die.  For!!!

Day 7:

Today we rearranged the loft which is essentially the kids play area.  I moved the couch off the wall and created this "Book Nook" as we now call it.  The kids love it!

Day 6:

It's been a long time since Maddy has been out for a photo shoot.  Maddy is just so darn cute, even when she can't decide what to wear!  This month's Photo of the Month theme over at Fro Knows Photo is about inanimate objects, and I submitted this picture for the contest.  

Day 5:

Yes, this really is a car with a mohawk!  The kids really got a chuckle out of seeing this when we pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store.  And now knowing the the ShockTop rep drives this around everyone just makes me enjoy their beer that much more!  

Day 4:

I've already posted about the Weather Themed Sensory Tub we made today, but this picture is from the happy sunshine craft we made.  The kids painted paper plates yellow, and we read a book about the sun while they were drying.  Afterwards they decorated them with yellow and orange triangles for rays and put on silly faces.  We got the idea from this post we found on Pinterest.

Day 3:

Today we had a last minute play date/picnic at the park!  It was a beautiful (although slightly cooler than I preferred) day, and the kids were both so excited about the chance to hang out with friends.  I'm sad that Gray's best buddy from Pre-K is going to a different school than him for kindergarten, but it's nice that we are still able to get them together to hang out.

Day 2:

I don't think I can accurately describe how happy it makes me when I look out my backdoor and see bunnies!  Seriously, I'm a fanatic!  There were actually three little ones out there, and they were snacking and chasing each other around the trees.  

Day 1:

I just about stepped on this little guy.  He was just hanging out in the driveway when I went to get in the van!  I wish I had bumped the aperture to get a clearer picture, and he was moving so slow I definitely would have had the time. But we were hungry, and Chinese takeout was calling my name!  Alas, this was the only one I got.

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