Photo a Day - May 2013

A Photo A Day Project

So I'm stealing this idea from a good friend, but I don't think she'll mind.  It's my resolution this year to capture a special moment every day of something, anything, in our lives.  I can't wait to look back over 2013 and see that it really is the little things that make life so great!


May 2013

Day 31:

I picked up a couple of books at the library today for myself along with more than a dozen for the kids.  I've decided to read the Mistborn series based on a recommendation from a friend, and I've also decided that its time I stop avoiding the Harry Potter books and movies.  I honestly don't know how (or really why) I've avoided them so long!

Day 30:

It was a lovely evening here, and after eating dinner on the patio the kids wanted to stay outside and play.  My boys (ie the boy and daddy!) played catch for a while.  I love some of the faces I was able to capture!  I think I had as much fun watching as they had playing.

Day 29:

Stopped and took some pictures of a beautiful Memorial Day display at a local cemetery.  This up close shot of the one of the little flags was my favorite.  

Day 27:

I just love this picture I took today.  We ventured off our normal walk to the park into an area we haven't walked since we've lived in this house.  And we found some great spots for photo ops, including this little hill!  She plopped right down and started smiling, and I started clicking!

Day 26:

I don't know if there's a technical term for this kind of photography, but it's something I want to work on getting better at.  I found a photographer who takes some amazing "urban zoom" photos that are reminiscent of travelling warp speed in Star Trek or something.  Out where we live I don't have the city lights to work with, but the sun peaking through the clouds gave me some practice.  I can't wait to try this out in the city though!

Day 25:

Day 24:

My oldest child is no longer in pre-k.  He will be a kindergartner this fall (well summer really since they start July 31st!!!!).  He's getting so big and so mature, and absolutely witty and handsome!  Oh if only we could keep them small longer!

Day 23:

We made these teacher gifts for each of Gray's pre-k teachers this year.  I used printables from Mama Miss (the tulips) and Living Locurto (the tag) along with Dollar Store flower pots (4 for $1).  The fake moss and pipe cleaners we already had!

 Day 22:

Some crazy clouds out this morning.  They seem to be moving in from all directions and the birds can't make up their mind where they should go before the rain hits.  They've been flying back and forth!

Day 21:

Just out for an afternoon drive!  These kiddos crack me up and even though she has her own little jeep, I think she absolutely loves being driven around by her big brother!  I just hope he's as excited about driving her around when they're driving really vehicles as he is now!!

Day 20:

Flowers!  The hailstorm a few weeks ago destroyed my tulips in this flower bed.  They were the only thing I had planted there besides the hosta which also took a serious beating in the storm.  When the hosta recovered and finally started opening up again, I decided it was time to give it some new company.  I love how it looks.  I planted all perennials so I can't wait to see them come up year after year.  Now just to figure out what to plan in the other bed!

Day 19:

We went to a super fun "Under the Sea" themed birthday party today.  Gray "fished" up some pirate tattoos and couldn't have been happier about it!  He had one on each arm, one on his stomach, and even put one on his forehead!  He said he hoped the birthday girl had the same party next year so he could get more!

Day 18:

She had her last dance class of the season today.  She'll start back up again in the fall.  I'm going to miss it until then!  

Day 17:

Kind of creepy don't ya think?  Looks like a rickety old barn, but it's actually the top of a very sturdy playground where my son goes to pre-k.  We got there a few minutes early to pick him up today and Ali wanted to play.  No sooner than we set foot on the playground, the storm clouds rolled in so we made our way indoors!  Just before the rain too!

Day 16:

A dalek a day keeps the Doctor away!  Oh wait, maybe I want to rethink this!  Love my new dalek keychain.  The eyestalk even moves!  Brilliant!

Day 15:

It was a lovely day to be outside!  It was HOT and sunny so we walked down to the park and had some fun.  This girl loves the swing.  She always says "Higher, Mommy!  Higher!"

Day 14:

I'm a bunny stalker!  I get so excited every time I see one in the backyard.  This one heard me open the back door and hopped over the neighbor's yard but that doesn't stop me from zooming in for a picture.  

Day 13:

Bright blue sky.  Sun.  Airplane flying who knows where.  I just thought this was beautiful.  We love getting outside and soaking up the sun, playing (or working) in the yard.  I'm so glad the warmer temps are here to stay!  

Day 12:

This dog does not like kites!  It was the perfect day for flying too.  We all got out as a family to fly the kite together, and this crazy dog went berserk chasing the kite or the shadow of the kite all around the field.  She never stopped barking at it either and she rarely barks unless it's important!

Day 11:

She's improving with each class.  She knows so many of the moves now and loves to show everyone too!!  We only have one more class before they take the summer off, but I really hope she wants to go back in the fall!!

Day 9:

Love this girl!  We like hanging outside no matter what the weather is.  Today was overcast and cool and she bundled herself up like it was winter!

Day 8:

Look what my sweet boy brought home from pre-k today!  He's been singing the little song that's on the paper, and we planted it in a flower pot on the back patio. 

Day 7:

Had a blast hanging out with my camera buddy today.  We took the kids to a couple parks and out to eat and of course took a ton of photos!  I just love pictures of these two getting along!  (We may or may not have bribed him with gum to put his arm around her though!)

Day 6:

This may be one of my favorite meals ever.  Smoked sausage with onions and red, orange, and yellow bell pepper.  Toss on a little seasoning and spice and oh my word!!  I could eat the whole pan, and well I did eat most of it!

Day 5:

Guard dog at her perch on the back of the couch, looking out over her territory!  I think it's the highest spot she can get to so it's her favorite.  Unless she's sleeping of course, then she's curled up under a blanket somewhere.

Day 4:

Ali had another ballet class this afternoon.  There have been dress rehearsals for the recital coming up (although we aren't participating in the recital this year), and the characters from Pinocchio are all standing outside the studio window.  
Day 3:

This is one that will be saved forever.  I can't decide if I want to frame it or have it put on a canvas, but either way I love it!!  My normally camera shy boy was helping me out with some dandelion shots tonight.  I initially was just looking to capture the dandelion blowing in the wind, but I am so glad this is what I got instead!  

Day 2:

It was a hard choice choosing today's photo.  It was such a beautiful and warm day that we took the kids and Grammy over to the local park for a walk through the woods, a picnic lunch, and played on the playground.  I get so few good pictures of my boy (he's oddly camera shy) so I went this this one!  He was his usual monkey self climbing up on the logs!

Day 1:

Not the greatest picture, but wow was it a great evening.  The weather was perfect, and so was the food, the beer, and the company.  Looking forward to many more nights grilling out on the patio!

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