Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weeds and Woods

I think I might have an unhealthy obsession with photographing weeds.  I blame my former years in FFA doing crops judging and studying countless photos and samples of the local Indiana flora.  In the last few weeks, I swear I've taken a picture of every weed I've seen (too bad I don't remember their names anymore!)  Once I get the pictures uploaded to the computer though, I'm not always as happy about them as I was when I snapped it walking through the woods.  This time, however, I find these still remarkably beautiful!

I couple weeks ago I downloaded a free Photoshop action called Bella from this website.  I've tried it out on several different pictures but always ended up scrapping the edit.  It just wasn't right for those pictures.  On these lovely little weeds however, I think it's perfect!  I love the different pops of color, especially the subtle bluish gray color, and the overall sweet softness of the photo.  I think it's one of those actions you just have to be in a certain mood to use!

I used the same action on this tree, but I'm not as happy with it.  The softness and color scheme just doesn't seem to work as well here, perhaps because the photo is so much busier (or perhaps I'm just not as excited about trees as I am about weeds!)

These next three pictures were just some fun Photoshop editing.  I need as much practice as I can get so I was playing around with the same photo to get different looks.  I think the bluish one is my favorite.  I like the contrast it provides to the orange leaf the best.

All of these pictures were taken over the weekend at my in laws house.  They have an amazing view from their back porch.  I could sit there for hours watching birds or squirrels or whatever other animal dared to show up.  This was one of the last pictures I took for the day of the late afternoon soon shining across their deck.

Can't wait to get back out there and shoot some more photos.  Spring and summer will be just as beautiful and hopefully I'll see some more animals too!

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