Thursday, March 14, 2013


Before yesterday I had never heard of Bloglovin'.  I suppose that makes it obvious I'm an amateur at this whole blog thing.  But with the news about Google Reader and GFC, I decided I better add my blog to Bloglovin' anyway.  If you haven't heard the news about Google Friend Connect, it will history this summer, so for the few of you who follow this blog using GFC won't be able to anymore.  I'm giving you another option!  Check Bloglovin' out, and make sure you don't lose track of your favorite blogs once GCF is gone!

Make sure to click the link button to the right and follow with Bloglovin'.  Check other blogs you follow for that blue and white plus sign and make sure you get them as well.  I just joined myself, but it looks like an amazing and easy way to keep track of all your favorite blogs in one place; it even imported all of my currently followed blogs for me.  Something tells me I'm not going to miss GFC too much!

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