Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeding the Birds

Nobody likes eating that last slice of bread, or the first for that matter.  We just aren't fans of the bread heels in this house.  When we do get down to those last slices, the kids like to feed them to the birds.  This lovely little robin sitting in the backyard was quite pleased about it too!

The kids split whatever bread was left whether its just the heels or a couple stale slices, and they tear it up into tiny bits.  They toss it out as far in the backyard as they can.

Sometimes it doesn't go very far.  

So they'll have to find it, and pick it up.  And throw it again.

If the dog happens to be outside with us, she thinks the bread is a treat for her instead of the birds.

The kids will inform her otherwise and chase her back up to the porch!

I like to think this little robin hangs out in our yard just for the bread.  I don't know if its even the same one as before, but I'm pretending it is.  Maybe this year, we'll get him a real bird feeder!

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