Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

This week's Weekend Wishlist is based on a template by "calamityjade" on Polyvore.  As I was scrolling through the various templates to choose this week's selection, I stopped immediately when I saw the Tardis.  I just couldn't pass up a chance to use this one!

Initially, I was going to create a wishlist based on the things I would wear if I was the Doctor's companion.  But as I started to put it together, I could only think about the previous companions.  I have no real style myself!  I kept coming back to one look, and one person in particular.  Elisabeth Sladen aka Sarah Jane Smith.

She was my favorite companion, and my second favorite character in the entire series.  (It's going to take a miracle to oust David Tennant from number 1 on that list!).  I love her style, her mannerisms, everything about her character, and she was as beautiful back in the seventies as she was while doing her spin-off "The Sarah Jane Adventures" which started in 2007.  This collection is based off the more recent Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane Smith

I've watched all of the classic Doctor Who episodes I could find, and I've been watching the Sarah Jane Adventures on DVD.  When I got to the last one, Season 5, I wondered why it was so short.  I didn't realize until the official Doctor Who Facebook page posted on her birthday this year that she had passed away a couple years ago.  Now I know, and it makes me sad.  No more chance of seeing her reunite with another Doctor or hearing her say "Mr. Smith, I need you!" ever again.

So where does my wishlist come in?  Well I wish other people knew how amazing Elisabeth Sladen was.  I wish everybody loved Doctor Who as much as I do!  I wish I had my own sonic lipstick!  And most of all I wish to be as brave, honest, selfless, and amazing as Sarah Jane!

So who was your favorite companion?  And since I couldn't come up with my own style I'd like to hear yours.  What do you think you'd wear if you were the Doctor's companion?

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