Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

This week's Weekend Wishlist is keeping with my motivational trend this week of getting back on track!  Working out, eating better, and hoping to see a smaller number on the scale on Monday have been on my mind all week long.

I still have the bulk of the weekend to go, but so far I'm optimistic!  It's way past time for a change too.  I know what I need to do, and I've known it all along.  It's so easy to go for that unhealthy snack or cozy up on the couch barefoot instead of putting on tennis shoes and hopping on the treadmill.  It's easy that is, until you go to put on your favorite jeans and they don't fit anymore!

I'm pretty happy with how the set turned out this week.  I didn't use a premade template on Polyvore for this one.  I created it from scratch.  The link below the picture will take you to the set on Polyvore.

Get Fit Now

This wishlist has a lot of things I don't actually need in order to get fit, but I would love to have.  That's why it's a wishlist right?  Let's start with the heart rate monitor.  I need to be keeping track of when I'm in my target range and for how long so I make sure I'm maximizing my workouts.  Not included here, but another gadget on my wishlist is a pedometer.  I'm think using one will help me stay more active throughout the day.  I'd see the number and aim to do better each day than the last.

Unless you're doing yogo or some other barefoot workout, a good pair of shoes are definitely key.  I love my Saucony running shoes, but these new Abeo shoes here have me intrigued.   The gray and turquoise is also more appealing than the gray and pink ones I currently have.  Not that the color of shoes I wear actually matters in my workout.  But no reason you can't look your best when you're working out to look your best!  Makes sense right?

Only a couple more days till my result post on Monday.  I'm looking forward to a great weekend to finish of a great week.  What do you do to stay motivated through the week or on the weekends?  When is it hardest to stick to your plan?

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