Friday, February 1, 2013

One Month Down

Where did January go?  A whole month of 2013 is already gone!  I am so excited I've kept up with the "Photo a Day" project.  It is very neat to look back over the last month of photos and see some of the big highlights and little joys we experienced in the past few weeks.  It makes me all that more excited to see what memories we have yet to make the rest of the year!

Here is a quick collage of some of the fun photos from the first month of the project:

See all of January's Photos here.

Several of the photos this month were taken from our back door.  We have a lovely view out back whether its during the sunrise, or foggy, or with snow on the ground and trees.  As spring approaches I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to get outdoors for some real fun and photo shoots!  I can't wait to see what's in store.  

Towards the end of the month, a few of the photos were of my new Blythe doll, Maddie.  She will surely make more appearances as she is my model for all the fun little doll creations I'm making for the Etsy shop.  I bet she'll even get a trip or two outside with us when it warms up!

I haven't forget about the rest of the blog though.  One of these days, I'll take a serious break from the yarn and my crochet hook and get around to busting out the posts I have piling up in my head to write.  Unfortunately it won't be tonight though.  My pillow is calling! 

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