Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photography 101

So I've been hinting around about a new camera for a while now.  We're pretty sure we've picked out the camera we want to buy, but this past weekend I got to test out lenses on a similar camera courtesy of an amazing friend.  I had never used a DSLR camera before, and wow what a difference it is from the point and click cameras I'm used to.

We went to two different parks.  It was late afternoon on a beautiful sunny but chilly day.  I took over 130 pictures, but as it takes practice to focus and get a feel for exactly what to shoot, only about 20 of them were worthy of some editing.

When we got back I busted open Photoshop for the first time since college and played around.  Here's a look at some of my favorites.

The first few pictures are at Sodalis Nature Park.  This place is gorgeous year round!  We did an amazing photo shoot here last fall.  My friend was the photographer and my kids were the subject, but its hard not to take in the all the natural beauty here too!

The lake was mostly frozen over that day!

On the way home we pulled over beside these tracks and snapped some more pics.  There's just something appealing about train tracks that I can't describe!

The rest of the pictures are from Hummel Park.  There are so many wonderful things to photograph here!  The budding trees and the birds were my favorite!

If I wasn't already sold on wanting the 55-300 mm lens, this next picture did it for me.  I wish I had a way to explain how far away we were from this sign in the woods.  From the naked eye all you could see was a spot of yellow on the tree.  We were quite a ways away and on the other side of a creek.  It's amazing the distance and clarity that lens could do!

I think for my first time ever using a DSLR, and for the first time using Photoshop in years, these turned out pretty good!  I can't wait to go out and do it again, and next time I might even have my own camera!

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