Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Abstract Art for Kids

Almost every day, my two and half year old asks me if we can paint.  She loves it!  And I love that she loves it!  While drinking my coffee and scrolling through Pinterest this morning, I saw this post for Easy DIY Abstract Art from Craft Pond.  I think I've pinned it before, but seeing it pop up again was a sign!  I knew that's what we were going to do today.  Well at least, that's what the kids would do today, because I'm hooked on the camera and somebody had to take pictures right?!

I gave the kiddos some old 12x12 canvases that I had previously used and then repainted over in white to use again.  They also got to choose their colors from all my old paints.  What I didn't do was insist on adding white in the mix like the tutorial from Craft Pond did.  When I do this for myself, I'm going to follow that tutorial more closely.

The other thing my kiddos didn't do was wash out their brushes.  It was probably easier this way for them, but leads to more of an all over blend rather than just blending colors in certain areas.

They kept at it as long as there was still white canvas available to cover.  After a while it looked like they were getting bored with painting, but after a little encouragement they finished up!

I let them both sign their paintings by writing their names.  Well my 5 year old wrote his name.  My two and half year old just left her mark!

Once dry we immediately hung them up for display!  They are so proud of them!  My son was even trying to sell his painting to his aunt for $60.  He thought that would be enough to buy two Lego sets so it was a fair price!  I can't wait to try this easy abstract painting for myself sometime with my own color choices.  It was a fun quick project that I think we all will be doing again and again!

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