A Photo A Day - January 2013

So I'm stealing this idea from a good friend, but I don't think she'll mind.  It's my resolution this year to capture a special moment every day of something, anything, in our lives.  I can't wait to look back over 2013 and see that it really is the little things that make life so great!

January 2013

Day 31:

It was really only a matter of time before I made her a bunny hat.  I knew it would be sooner rather than later.  Bunnies rule!  That's all there is to it!

Day 30:

Valentine's Day came early this year!  My hubby loves me...and clean clothes...but mostly me!  Seriously these things are insanely awesome!  And of course Apple had to come in and check them out!

Day 29:

One of our favorite restaurants to eat at is a Japanese steakhouse called House of Tokyo.  Every time we go I order something called "The Shogun".  It's a combo of teriyaki chicken and steak, with vegetables, and fried rice.  And every now and then I also like to make it at home.  Looks like the real thing, tastes pretty darn close.  We miss the excitement of the chefs cooking it at our table, but we save on the cost!

Day 28:

It was long past time this silly face made his appearance on this page.  After being sick the past couple of weeks, it is awesome to see some joy and perkiness back in those eyes!  He is growing up so fast, but he is such an amazing smart, sweet, loving boy!

Day 27:

Maddie in the first new hat and scarf set.  I love how it turned out, but was a major pain to finish (especially since I turned the ball of yarn into a giant rat's nest at one point and still haven't been able to detangle it all!).

Day 26:

Apple doing what Apple does best.  This dog will sleep in the strangest poses and loves being curled up under the blanket.  She makes for a great little heater though!

Day 25:

Ok so this one is fun.  I have no idea what it even is.  It was just one of those random pictures I come across in my photo album on my phone all the time.  The kids, especially the baby girl, love taking pictures with my phone.  I love the fun self portraits or random shots of the dog or baby feet that I get.  And then there's all these blurry who-knows-what-they-are shots.  I like the colors in this though.  Looks like art to me!

Day 24:

She's here!  My new doll arrived today!  She's a beauty, and I've named her Madeline!  More to come on her soon!

Day 23:

Finally finished this set of washcloths.  I've been starting and stopping so many projects lately, I felt like these three little guys took way longer than they should have.  I love the colors though.  They go great together!  Look for them in the shop soon!

Day 22:

Beautiful sunrise this morning, and thanks to a sick baby girl who has given up sleeping at night, I was up early enough to see this one.  I can't wait for the cold and flu bugs to leave our house, but I'll appreciate these little beauties that I get to see because of them!

Day 21:

Can we say yum?  We made homemade Chex Mix today and really yum is the only valid word to describe it!  I like being able to include only the things I really want to eat in the mix and in the proportions I want them.  To me Chex Mix should be mostly Chex with just a few pretzels, peanuts, and other yummy goodies. What do you include in your Chex Mix?

Day 20:

Oh I am obsessed with Daleks!  And coffee.  I don't know why Daleks and coffee go together so well, but ever since I saw this image floating around on Tumblr/Pinterest I've been obsessed with the mash-up!  A while back I did the Sharpie mug, but I added the coffee cup to this one and of course used the evil black Dalek Sec!  I'm not sure if I'll put this one up in the shop, I'll probably have to make a second one before I do that!  

Day 19:

Little man is mostly over whatever bug it was he had this week.  The antibiotic seems to be doing its job, however baby girl just had to share in the sickness like she shares everything else!  She was up most of the night, so its no wonder she took a rare nap today.  My poor baby!  I can't wait till everyone is better!

Day 18:

Been working with cotton a bit recently.  I like this pattern a lot too!  I'm hoping to have a few sets of washcloths/dishcloths listed soon, but as you can see I'm still in progress!

Day 17:

It was a homemade chicken noodle soup night at our house.  Our son is sick with an upper respiratory infection/possible pneumonia, and our daughter sounds more like a barking seal than a little girl.  Top it off with the freezing temps outside and all that just screams for a hot bowl of soup!

Day 16:

Went to my first (but definitely not last) Wine & Canvas event tonight.  Here's a picture I snapped during the break of my painting in progress.  I forgot to snap a final picture of it, so maybe I'll cheat and update this tomorrow with one.  It was a fantastic night and I'm really excited about how it all turned out!

Day 15:

Book 1 is done.  Book 2 shipped this morning.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get "across the pond".  I'm seriously going to try to read all of the Doctor Who New Series Adventures (NSAs) this year.  I think it's a worthy and doable goal!!   

Day 14:

I am so ready to be done with potty training and diapers forever.  These little codes are from boxes of Pull-Ups and wipes, and I finally got around to clearly out the cabinet and entering them all in on the website.  Thanks to Pampers for all the photo books, picture packages, and even a Dora potty seat for the baby girl I've won over the past few years!

Day 13:

I haven't spent much time crocheting this weekend, although I have spent way too much time playing this fantastic new board game we have called The Settlers of Catan.  It's addicting and hours go by before you even know it!  Today's picture though is of a work in progress I got started this morning before we went back to playing The Settlers again.  

Day 12:

Some mornings I just love the view out back, even those mornings you can't see very far!  If it was a little warmer and a little less wet, I probably would have sat out there and drank my morning coffee watching the fog lift.  One day we'll build a sun room off the back, and I will take every opportunity to enjoy a foggy morning view like this one! 

Day 11:

I setup a light box today to work on some photos for my Etsy shop.  While I had it out, I decided to snap a pic of our paper whites that are just starting to bloom.  They've been sitting in our kitchen since just before Thanksgiving, and I'm so excited to finally see a bloom!

Day 10:

I know there's really three pictures here, but 'technically' it's one image!  It was dinner tonight and it was fantastic!  I'm a huge fan of Mexican food and homemade chicken enchiladas are a definite favorite!

Day 9:

I won't be forgetting this trip through the carwash for a while.  To be fair, she was asked before we went through and she said she wanted to go!  Once it got started she went full on panic-mode!  Since I was in neutral, it was easy to turn around and snap this pic.  Luckily there was a Dora in the window near the end and that cheered her back up!

Day 8:

Yesterday I posted about the DIY Sharpie mugs we did for Christmas presents.  I had a couple mugs leftover, and decided to make this little guy today.  I'm obsessed with Daleks and anything Doctor Who really.  On the other side is a Weeping Angel and the words "Don't Blink!"

Day 7:

Red's Corner, a local landmark!  It stands out pretty nicely against the snow too.

Day 6:

Sometimes I'm a sucker for an impulse buy, but this little guy by the checkout at the hardware store yesterday was probably the best one I've bought.  I came home and potted him right away.  He'll need transplanted into a larger pot soon, and I'm looking forward to watching him and this page grow (and I have no idea why I'm calling a plant a him)!

Day 5:

I'm not generally a morning person, but when you wake up to something like this it definitely helps!  

Day 4:

Dolled herself up with some pretty necklaces today.  I will never get over her wild curly hair.  It always makes me smile!

Day 3:

I confiscated the kids' bookcase and turned it into much needed yarn storage!  Don't worry, we got them a new bookcase.  Now just to work on filling it up!

Day 2:

The kids go crazy for this little puppet theater at the library.  Today my baby girl put on a little show with a dinosaur puppet.  Mostly she just said "RAWR" and tried to scare the other kids!

Day 1:

Apple and I got a chance to run around in the snow early this morning.  I think she got a little carried away with it!

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