Photo a Day - February 2013

A Photo A Day Project

So I'm stealing this idea from a good friend, but I don't think she'll mind.  It's my resolution this year to capture a special moment every day of something, anything, in our lives.  I can't wait to look back over 2013 and see that it really is the little things that make life so great!


February 2013

Day 28:

The last day of February, and we woke up to snow on the ground!  It was completely gone in a matter of hours though, but we stayed inside anyway and spent the day getting organized.  Started Spring Cleaning early!  Kid's room and playroom done, now just to tackle closets!

Day 27:

This kid loves Angry Birds!  He was in school today when I went shopping and picked up these new graham crackers at the store.  When he discovered them this afternoon in the pantry, he grabbed the box, ran over to me and said it was the happiest day of his life!  

Day 26:

More camera practice today trying to capture the rain.  I have a full post about it on the blog, but this simple photo of a leaf was my favorite today.  

Day 25:

We drug a big mirror outside today for some reflection photos.  The kiddos weren't as into as I was though. They would have preferred another trip to the park instead.  Still I think this one turned out pretty good!

Day 24:

When it warmed up above freezing today we decided to make a trip down to the park.  I love this big rock they have near the picnic area, and I got some great shots of the kids playing around and on it.  This one was my favorite though.

Day 23:

Vrooorp.  Vroooorp.  Or whatever the spelling of that unique sound is.  I love photographing my Tardis which is actually the Doctor Who Yahtzee game!  I was playing around with the selective color setting on the camera tonight so I was able to just highlight that special Tardis blue!

Day 22:

Can we say "AWE"?  Can you Guess How Much I Love...these two?  I'm so glad they like books, just like their momma!

Day 21:

Watch out Rambo, this girl's duel-wielding.  You don't want to cross this 2 year old.  She's a tough one!

Day 20:

When I can't get my little guy to pose for the camera, I just make his toys pose instead.  It was kind of fun to play around with the settings on the camera and capture this closeup of a matchbox size Lightning McQueen.

Day 19:

I am having a blast with the new camera.  I'm going to have to start scrapbooking or making photo books or something to keep all these new photos of the kids for years to come.  As much as I love her sweet little coat, I can't wait for warmer weather.  We didn't even make it to the park before we had enough of the cold and had to head back home!  

Day 18:

A picture in a picture.  And it was the very first picture snapped with our brand new camera.  I took this picture from about 30 feet away.  On a side note, this is also the first piece of artwork my husband has willingly hung on the wall!  It's safe to say we've been Sherlocked!

Day 17:

Did you know Prince Eric likes to wear pink Keens?  I'm not even sure what else to say about this one.  You walk in a room and see something like this and what would your reaction be?  Ahh the joys of having toddlers.  

Day 16:

The boy has been glued to the computer all weekend, but my girl is always ready to pose for the camera!  She has the sweetest eyes, and eyelashes that don't seem to stop!  Watch out boys, this one is going to be a heartbreaker!

Day 15:

A collage counts as one photo right?  This girl had way too many cute faces for just one pic today.  There are about a dozen more I could include here.  She just kept it up as long as I kept snapping pictures.  She's such a ham for the camera!

Ooops!  I missed a couple of days!  But it's ok, I'll make up for it soon.  My photos are going to get a major improvement next week!  Keep an eye out!

Day 12:

Today my son did his first school Valentine's!  He's obsessed with the show Phineas and Ferb now so when I saw these Valentine's at the store I knew they'd be perfect!  He was so cute choosing which card to give to each classmate, and he even made one for his baby sister.

Day 11:

GOLD!  I can't believe it's taken me so long to get this thing!  Now just to put it to good use! =) 
Mmmmmm coffee!

Day 10:

Thank you Instagram for being able to turn an ordinary picture of raindrops on the window into something so magnificent!  I love the rain.  It didn't last long and it was never really heavy, but there is so much beauty in it!

Day 9:

Today it is so hard to pick just one photo for this project.  I had an amazing adventure to two different parks  today to get a photography lesson on a really awesome camera.  I've been playing around with the pictures I took in Photoshop now, and I am so happy with the results!

Day 8:

I realize I've taken so many photos of Maggie with a hat on while she's modeling for my Etsy shop, but so few photos without.  So here she is today.  Her hair is too pretty to always cover up!  

Day 7:

Yesterday we ventured outdoors.  Well into the backyard at least...ok maybe just to the back porch!  Regardless the kiddos got a little exercise.  My baby girl was practicing safety by wearing her big brother's bike help.  He helped her put it on and showed her how to ride the scooter.  She was nothing but happy!!

Day 6:

And another ever present blurry photo shot courtesy of the baby girl taken with my phone.  Every morning first thing, I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee and check emails and other important stuff (ie Facebook).  So that's when she captured this shot of me.  We're going to have to get that girl her own camera!

Day 5:

A little bit of snow left on the ground.  The sun peeking out across the sky.  Puffy white clouds in the sky.  It was another beautiful morning to wake up to.  I love this view!

Day 4:

Hey what's the big idea?  I love this face, and this pose.  That's my super smart boy always coming up with big ideas!

Day 3:

Apple Bapple, the dapple dachshund.  She's not a fan of the snow this time.  Or rather the freezing cold temps that came along with it.  She was shivering at the door ready to come in pretty fast this morning. 

Day 2:

Hungry Hungry Hippos!  Nuff said.  This is hours of entertainment for them and us!

Day 1:

Let's start the month of right with an extra goofy picture of my extra goofy baby girl.  She knew her big brother had his great silly face picture the other day, so she had to get her silly face picture too!

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