Photo a Day - March 2013

A Photo A Day Project

So I'm stealing this idea from a good friend, but I don't think she'll mind.  It's my resolution this year to capture a special moment every day of something, anything, in our lives.  I can't wait to look back over 2013 and see that it really is the little things that make life so great!


March 2013

Day 31:

This picture just makes me smile!  I love these two so much!  We spent our last day of March and the Easter holiday at the Indianapolis Zoo with our amazing friends.  We all had so much fun, and despite all the great pictures of animals I took, this is by far my favorite picture of the day!

Day 30:

We dyed Easter eggs today.  Grammy came over to help!  I didn't buy a kit, but they still turned out alright.  

Day 29:

This is the best takeout food around.  And the reason why my weigh-in and progress report on Monday is going to be B.A.D.  Seriously we've been eating way too much Fast Wok recently, but it's so gooooood!  It's fast, and cheap, and did I mention it's sooooo gooooood!  Seriously, it's unfair!

Day 28:

I had a little photo shoot with my Tardis today while working on a photo challenge for a photography group. I'm so excited about the upcoming return of the Doctor.  It's been too long since Christmas.  Who's ready to find out who Clara really is?!?!

Day 27:

Our beautiful Apple Bapple, the dapple dachshund!  
She was trying to take one of her many daily naps, and I was bothering her with the camera.  She was just so precious snuggled up on her pillow.

Day 26:

What a sky tonight!  Absolutely amazing moon and clouds.  The colors were gorgeous!  I only wish it was warmer so I could have stayed outside longer and taken more pictures!

Day 25:

The snow is back!  On Spring Break!  Who would have thought I'd be shoveling snow a week before Easter?  The forecast shows it warming up next week, so hopefully this snow won't stick around long.  It's beautiful, but I'm over winter!  It's spring now.  Somebody make sure Mother Nature gets the memo!!

Day 24:

The best part of waking up, is.....what is in my cup?!  I love the rabbit eyes reflecting in my cup from the monitor.  My desktop background is an adorable rabbit picture found here.  Love me some bunnies!

Day 23:

Pulled out of the garage today to see this driving through my neighborhood.  I was right behind it for about a mile and had to snap a picture.  That's just something you don't see everyday!

Day 22:

So close, but so far away!  Moon shots are definitely easier to get when there is still some daylight left.  Such a beautiful clear sky tonight too!

Day 21:

My girl!  These are from my iPhone so not great quality but still so sweet.  She was showing me something she built with her Legos.  I just love all her different expressions!

Day 20:

Have you ever seen a dachshund yawn?  It was so darn cute and I was so excited to catch the moment.  Her little eyes shut tight and all of her teeth are bared.  It looks like she was mad or "yelling" at someone, but it was just an innocent yawn.  Anyway, I thought it was just too cute!

Day 19:

Today's photo was the result of a couple Photoshop tutorials I found today.  One was a way to improve eyes, and the other was adding a decorative background.  The background in this picture is free digital scrapbook paper.  I still need work on both techniques but its a big improvement over the original.

Day 18:

One of the Facebook photography pages I'm a fan of had a technology challenge today.  This was the picture I posted.  It's my very nerdy gaming keyboard decked out with a Dalek decal on the enter key and a tiny Tardis decal on the wrist rest.  I love it!

Day 17:

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I went with green for today's picture.  Or rather, everyone's love-to-hate green-caped villain, Loki.  That's Thor standing behind him with his hammer raised.  Our son has the whole set now and has spent the last few days building the ship from the Avengers movie!  He's now very much into super heroes (and villains) and requested that Spiderman attend his next birthday party!!

Day 16:

I tried to do a little Easter photo shoot with Alia today.  I only got her to stand still for a short while.  This pose only worked out because her feet weren't moving, even though I'm pretty sure everything else was.  I'm going to have to work on bribes to get more pictures!

Day 15:

I love foggy mornings!!  Even more so when you see a beautiful sight like this in your backyard.  The hazy gray fog was blocking out the view of anything beyond the trees, and this little robin's belly was the only spot of color out there.

Day 14:

Little Bunny Foo Foo Hopping Through the Forest....I saw this bunny hop out of the brush behind our house.  I ran to get the camera and got back to take the picture only to realize my SD card was still in the computer.  So I ran to the computer, grabbed it, and back to the door to take the picture.  I think the bunny was on to me by then because he'd turned to hop back into the brush.  Our dog saw the movement and ran out after him too.

When she got close, I'm not sure she could even tell where the rabbit was.  The rabbit was so still for quite a long time and when it finally did move to hop further back into the brush, it scared our little doxie!  She jumped and came running back up to the porch.  I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and all the bunnies we'll see in the backyard this year!  Now to always make sure I remember the SD card first! 

Day 13:

Ah the imagination of a 5 year old. He says its a jail. No door. You just open the window and throw the bad guys in!!  I particularly love the Stormtrooper on guard duty!

Day 12:

When I get pictures like this its hard to believe it's still technically winter.  I don't know what kind of tree this was, but it was beautiful.  I snapped many pictures of it today, but this was my favorite. 

Day 11:

This little cardinal likes playing games.  I've been trying to photograph him for days!  He waits until I go get my camera out and adjust the settings then disappears in a flash before I can even snap a photo.  Finally today I got one, he was hiding down by the grass instead of up in the trees, but I still got the picture!

Day 10:

Today was beautiful.  It felt like spring was finally here!  So we headed off to a big park nearby and took a trail into the woods to explore.  We heard lots of birds and saw a couple squirrels.  There is a small creek running through the woods, and I snapped this picture of whatever this plant is sticking out over the water.  I love how it turned out!

Day 9:

Eeek!  I didn't take a single picture today.  Not on my camera nor on my phone!  That never happens!  Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow!  No more missed shots from me!

Day 8:

In a sincere effort to figure out what I'm actually doing with my camera I picked up these two books at the library today.  I started reading "Understanding Exposure" first, and I really think its going to be a huge help! It simplifies a very complex subject for me!

Day 7:

Today's picture is Maddie showing off my newest venture for the shop, hair bows!  I started with some vintage fabric my mother-in-law gave me that is just amazing.  Here Maddie is sitting with her very own Easter basket and bunny!  I think she takes after me, don't you?

Day 6:

Looky looky what I got today!!!  My new camera bag!  LOVE IT!!  

Day 5:

Bath time!  This girl cracks me up.  She can have a goofy smile any time!  

Day 4:

I love that I can stand at my back door and zoom in on the birds in the trees behind our house.  The sky was bluer, but I played around in Photoshop with this one and made is a softer gray which I really like.  Looks like something I'd like to paint!

Day 3:

We had a great day spending time with family.  I got some amazing pics of birds in the woods, but my favorite photo taken today is this one.  It's a little blurry, but I had just come in from being out in the sun shooting in manual and didn't have time to adjust before snapping this.  Her smile just makes me smile!  

Day 2:

It's March now so where's the spring weather?  It was another cold and cloudy day here, so another day spent inside.  I gave the kids a break and did a photo shoot with Maddie.  She stands still longer than the kids do when you're playing around with camera settings! =)    

Day 1:

This morning I woke up to the sweetest thing.  My son set the playroom table for "breakfast for two" for him and his sister.  They have a little play kitchen beside the table where he said he fixed bacon and eggs.  He even had a little skillet and spatula out on the stove!  I love how creative he got with the candlestick made out of blocks in the middle of the table!

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