Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peter Rabbit "Counting Cottontails" Tray

We are having a lot of fun with our Peter Rabbit theme this week.  If you missed it earlier, here's a link to my post about our Peter Rabbit themed sensory tub.  I'm so happy the kids enjoy this story as much as I do! (Well maybe not as much as I do, but that's only because I REALLY love this book!)  I also decided it was time to change up our trays this week, so here's a look at the first of our Peter Rabbit themed trays.  

We have been working a bit on sight words with my four year old, so I decided to make a tray to help him with recognizing the number words by sight.  I made these self-checking cards by writing the word for each number on one side of a blank index card and writing the corresponding digit on the back.  I used zero through ten.

I use a piece of black construction paper folded in half for a work mat.  And there's a cup holding all of the cottontails (simply cotton balls!) He selects a card and counts out the correct number of cottontails.  

And if he gets stumped or to check his work he simply flips the card over to see the number.

He seemed to really enjoy this activity, and I think he'll know these number words by sight in no time.  He's really good at two (his sister's age), four (since it's his age), and zero!  He loves doing zero and showing you that there are no cottontails!

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