Friday, September 21, 2012

D is for Dinosaur

We are having so much fun learning about dinosaurs.  And since "D" is for dinosaur, this letter D craft was just too cute to pass up.  We customized it by adding brads so our dinosaurs had moving parts to play with!

I've seen a few of these letter D dinosaur crafts going around Pinterest.  The one we liked the most is from Little Page Turners.  There wasn't a template to follow here, so I just prepped the materials by cutting out a capital letter D shape, legs, neck, head, scales, and tail from construction paper.  (There are double the materials in the picture above because each of my kids were making one).

The kids glued on the legs and scales.

We used brads to connect the head to the neck, the neck to the body (the letter D), and the tail to the body.

Then the kids glued on a googly eye (you could also use two eyes), and we drew on a smile.  Now we have a fun letter D dinosaur that moves!  My son said we should have used brads for the legs too because legs are supposed to move!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Then we used this $1 dinosaur book from the dollar store to see what kind of dinosaur we made.  We decided it had a long neck like a brachiosaurus but because of the scales was most likely a stegosaurus.  My son decided to call his "Steggy"!

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