Monday, September 24, 2012

I Can Do This!

Came across this amazing post this morning, and I HAD to share it.  Read it and then come back here!

I sometimes get into this funk where I feel like on the outside our home may look like that Pinterest pin where we made it perfect in 6 easy steps, but in reality...not so much.  Most of the books we picked up on our last trip to the library haven't been read.  The sink is full.  There are clothes in the washer and dryer (which reminds me maybe I should go turn the dryer back on to get rid of those wrinkles because I really don't iron).  And both kids are sick.  

Here I am sitting at my desk, drinking my coffee and blogging.  I haven't checked Facebook yet, but I will after I check my email.  I look at our schedule from last week and see all the things we didn't get done, not the ones we did.  So I'm going to make that list.  What I Want to Do, What I Need to Do, and What I'd Love to Do with my family today.  I want to read a couple of the dinosaur books we checked out from the library to the kids.  I need to go to the grocery store before pre-k to get a drink to go with the snack for my son's class.  And I'd love to do the dry pasta dinosaur fossil craft I pinned on Pinterest with the kids.

Even after listing out those three things, I'm still thinking about all the other things on a to-do list.  How I want to get a workout in, how I need to get the kitchen cleaned up, and how I'd love to really finish my own library book!  But after going back and rereading that post at Finding Joy a second time, I'm not letting the things I don't get done on my to-do list get me down.  I'm going to start focusing on the things I do get crossed off, the fun we have, and the fact that there are at least enough clean clothes that nobody is naked right now.  What's the old adage:  Don't sweat the small stuff.  And in the grand scheme of things, this is really really small stuff!

So here's what I know...

I am not Supermom or a perfect mom.  But I'll never give up.  Ever!

I can do this!

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