Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peter Rabbit "Cottontail" Transfer Tray

Yesterday I posted about the newest tray I setup for my oldest to work on, learning number words by sight using "cottontails".  Today I'm going to share with you the one my daughter is using as a transfer activity moving cottontails from one bowl to another.

I already mentioned how our first dry pour activity started off a success, but quickly went downhill.  I'm still finding dry beans around the kitchen and living room.  It will probably be a while before I give beans another chance around here, but their replacement - pom poms - seems to working out better.

We had been using a variety of mini pom poms to do a color sorting activity, but for this particular tray I just pulled out all the white ones to use as white rabbit tails, or "cottontails".  My two year old will use the tiny spoon to move each cottontail one at a time to the other bowl.

It's still pretty tricky for her, and she won't always just move one pom pom or sometimes it won't make it in the bowl, but she keeps at it.  Although she is really good about turning the tray around when she's ready to start again!

And when they decide they're done with the trays, there's always these fun Peter Rabbit coloring pages.  The Peter Rabbit coloring book we have goes through the whole story, so we talked about what was happening in the story from the pages they chose.

It's just so cute to watch the little ones color!

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