Monday, September 20, 2010

Try and try again

So I think last week was just a test run for my new goals, and boy did I fail that test!  Just thinking the word "diet" made me crave food more, and I wanted to eat everything in the fridge and pantry.  I made that chocolate cake again one night (on what should have been day 2 of my plan), and I really would love to just eat one of those cakes after every meal!  I'm sure I would have made it a few more times if I hadn't of run out of eggs last week.  I also had pad thai and pizza which I'm pretty sure would blow any diet.  We finished off the week at a pitch-in for a family reunion.  There was so much goodness there to eat and with lots of family eager to hold the baby girl, I had my hands free to dig into all of it!

It's a new week now, and it's time to make some real changes.  I've decided I'm not on a "diet".  The word just makes me hungry!  I can't diet right now anyway.  Cutting out too many calories could be detrimental to my milk supply and I think a certain baby girl might not be too happy about that!  I just need to eat smarter.  I made a pretty successful trip to the grocery store today (taking only the child that can't throw food out of the cart really helps), and I think I stocked up on some things that should help me make some better choices this week:  oatmeal, fat-free milk, unsweetened applesauce, salads, veggies,  lean turkey, etc.  A certain someone was a little disappointed that I didn't make it home with ice cream.  I ran out of time before I even had a chance to go down that isle (ie Alia was getting hungry).  And that's probably for the better.

I found our scale hiding under some paint supplies in the closet so I'll be starting off this week knowing exactly what I weigh now.  I also know exactly where I want to be.  I just hope that's enough motivation for me.

I made chicken tostadas again for dinner last night.  But this time I baked the whole wheat tortillas instead of frying them.  That's a start.  Oatmeal and iced Teeccino (with fat-free milk) for breakfast.  I've been wary about trying those "healthier" milks but with those new commercials enlightening me that a glass of 2% milk has more saturated fat than an order of French fries, I thought it was time try one.  Looking at the price of a carton of Smart Balance vs a gallon of regular milk though it's a wonder how people can afford to drink the stuff.  Luckily for me, I had clipped a $2 off coupon and the store had it on sale for $2.99 yesterday.  At only 99 cents a carton, it is definitely worth trying!

Now to get caught up on housework and work in a trip to the park or a few laps around the neighborhood with the stroller.  Or both.  We'll see!

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