Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There's a first time for everything

I've been thinking, I need a way to keep everyone up to date on things and more importantly just keep track of everything besides updating my status on Facebook.  I've always loved writing and the ease of sharing information in "written" form.  I'd much rather write a book (or read one) than pick up my cell phone.  I hate my cellphone, but maybe we'll save that for a later blog, since this is supposed to be my introduction to this whole blog venture anyway.

So my plan for this forum is to keep anyone who reads it in the know about my life, my family, my ventures in the kitchen, and anything else I feel like writing about.  As a stay-at-home mom of 2 now, I'll probably end up with lots of short little blogs about randomness as time to sit down and plan one of these things is limited.  Right now it's late and fortunately both are sleeping, therefore I have a few moments to spare!  I should be sneaking in a shower or folding the laundry that's in the dryer, but I'll probably go to bed and plan on getting that shower in tomorrow and just restarting the dryer when I wake up.  I'm busy setting up a blog at the moment anyway!

A little about me for those that aren't aware or just forgot:  I'm 26 years old.  I have an almost 3 year old son named Gray and a 6 week old daughter named Alia ( \All-ee-uh\).  I'm engaged.  I have a twin sister!  I have a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Technology.  I've recently fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a pickup truck that I actually get to drive!  I love the Food Network and trying out new recipes, especially those by Alton Brown.  If I think of anything else important to share, well you know...that's what this is for!

So here's to my first blog.  I hope anyone who reads this finds it interesting, worthwhile, and meaningful.  After all I am spending those rare free moments to share these future tidbits of wisdom and insights with you!  Look for upcoming topics to include new baby excitements, toddler adventures, and recipe reviews.  Enjoy!

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