Thursday, September 9, 2010

So proud!

I couldn't be more proud and apparently neither could Gray because he used that exact word.  He just "dirtied" in the potty on his own, and we both are ecstatic!

He was playing upstairs and when he realized he needed to use the bathroom he came down the stairs announcing he had to dirty!  I followed him into the bathroom where he sat down on his little potty and did his business.  We both cheered!  I said "I'm so happy!" and he replied, "I'm so proud!"  What am amazing thought from a little boy who's not even three years old yet.

He's been in training pants for a year now and we've had great success with him doing #1 in the potty, but he has been more stubborn than a mule at going #2.  We've tried every bribe in the book: rewards, charts, lots of praise, you name it.  Nothing has worked.  I've read lots of similar stories from other moms online, and most of them said he'll do it when he's ready and just give him time.  This is hard to do especially when you add in another child who makes plenty of dirty diapers of her own!

We celebrated this momentous occasion with an Oreo cookie, and Gray couldn't wait to tell Daddy as soon as he got home.  I hope this is not a one time occurance though, and I hope this can mark the end of potty training and beginning of big boy pants for Gray!  I'm sure he hasn't forgotten about the Curious George underwear that Grammy promised him when he became potty trained!

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