Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The joys of repetition

It takes so long to get ready and get 2 kids out of the house to go anywhere these days.  I feel like all I really got done yesterday was make 2 trips to the grocery store (however I did manage to get that shower I put off from the day before!).  On the first trip, after I had already been around the entire store, checked out and was ready to leave, I discovered that Gray had discarded Alia's blanket and bonnet somewhere without my knowledge.  So I had to retrace my steps back around the store until I found them lying on the floor behind a clothes rack I had stopped to look at!

On the way home Gray informed me that he was tired and promptly fell asleep in his carseat.  I hate when this happens because it means he will not be napping at home!  It was also such a short nap because it only lasted until we got back to the house that he felt the need to repeat his nap in his carseat on the way to my second trip to the store a couple hours later.

I did not intend on having a repeat trip to the store yesterday until I went in my kitchen to try this 5-minute chocolate cake-in-a-cup recipe and discovered that all of my measuring spoons were missing!  Now I had just used these a couple days before while making some homemade waffles and after a thorough check and double-check of the sink, dish drainer, and every other drawer in the kitchen, I interviewed the only culprit in the house:  Gray.  He informs me that he doesn't remember what he did with them, and then with a look of utter disbelief says "oh no, we'll never find them!"  I'm guessing that's a very true statement!

So back to the store I went.  I had to have measuring spoons and of course the Wheat Thins and ice cream that I also picked up when I went back!  I did not make the chocolate cake that I was planning on however, I decided to use up some ripe bananas and make a banana cake with chocolate frosting instead.  FYI, sugar-free chocolate frosting is terrible.  Although most of you probably already were aware of this because after all the name "sugar-free" implies this important fact!  I should have done my homemade cream cheese frosting for this banana cake like I did the last time I made it, but I thought a quick and "healthier" icing would be better for me.  I think it may turn out to be better for me though because now I'm not sure I will eat any more of the cake!

The other thing I revisited yesterday was a Tyler Florence recipe for sweet potato matchsticks.  Here is a YouTube video of him fixing them.  I absolutely love them, however I'm not sure they're worth the effort considering how long it takes to cut up a sweet potato into tiny little matchsticks and the fact that I caught my stove on fire again while making them.

So yesterday was a day of repeats.  Here's to hoping I can get more done today with only doing things once...well excluding breast feeding, diaper changes, cooking, and all those other things that have to happen more than once!

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