Friday, November 9, 2012

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Our paper plate pumpkins were so much fun.  Well actually anything that involves finger painting turns out to be a lot of fun even if it gets a bit messy.  Since Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away it was a perfect opportunity to create a turkey, and since we had to get showers before preschool anyway it was also a good time to finger paint.


Paper Plate
Brown Paint
Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown construction paper
Glue Stick
Black Marker


Strip kids to their underwear to minimize ability to ruin clothing!  (Note:  only do this if you are making this craft at home!)  Next cover the painting area thoroughly.  I used newspaper this time, but we also like to use an old vinyl tablecloth for these types of activities.  Regardless, paint will still end up places you don't want it to.

Then set the paint down and watch chaos ensue.  This is my favorite part.  I don't know what it is about getting paint on your fingers that makes kids laugh and smile so much, but any mess created as a result is worth every bit of it!  Once the paper plate is thoroughly covered, now begin the tricky step of getting the kids into the bathtub without getting brown paint all over every surface between the table and the bathroom! Good luck!

Depending on how long it takes to give the kids a bath, the paint may or may not be dry afterward.  We took a break for an early lunch before finishing the turkeys.  Putting the turkey together turned into a great opportunity to discuss the parts of a bird.  We talked about their feet, beak, feathers, and (I had to look up what that little red thing hanging from the turkey's face was called) the wattle.

I cut the pieces out of construction paper.  I didn't have a template, I just cut.  So they aren't identical, but still cute.  Then the kids glued them on.  I helped my two year old by putting the glue on for her as a guide for where to put each piece.  My almost five year old did his all on his own, and insisted on giving his a smiley face.

He's been learning some turkey songs at school for an upcoming Thanksgiving party, and these turkeys are giving us another reason to sing and dance while practicing the songs!  Have fun!

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