Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Thankful Tree

This idea came from (don't be surprised!) Pinterest!  Bargain Bound's Thankful Tree was so cute, I had to make our own.  I took a few sheets of brown construction paper and went to town with some scissors.  I got a little wild with some of the branches but I think it at least resembles a tree.  

For the leaves, I stacked a few sheets of red, yellow, green, and orange construction paper, traced around a silk leaf from a fake plant, and cut out the leaves.  This was definitely time consuming.  Next time, I will look for some ready made leaf cutouts!

We started off with the leaves at the bottom of the tree, like the post on Bargain Bound.  However, our miniature dachshund who likes to chase and eat leaves decided she wanted to eat those leaves too.  So I moved the leaves up into the branches.

It's neat to see what the kids come up with everyday.  My two year old has a bit of difficulty with this.  I don't think she quite grasps what we're doing, but she listens to her brother and tries to come up with something.  On the first day, she chose her pink bear (aptly named "Pink"), and every day she still says she's thankful for Pink, but I tell her to choose something different each day.  Today it was cabinets.  Of course that's where she likes to play!  Without cabinets, she'd be forced to actually play in the play room or with toys!

I can't wait to see what the kids come up with as the month progresses.  They are running out of family members to choose so I'm sure it's going to get more creative!  

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