Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Christmas Wreath

This is the first year we've hung a wreath on our door, but now that I have this lovely wreath it definitely will not be the last!

Christmas Wreath in daylight

I found the basic evergreen wreath at Walmart for $2.50!  I had no idea they were so cheap, and with a few simple embellishments, I turned it into this beautiful Christmas wreath.  The small ornaments and the bow I had tucked away in my Christmas tote.  The bow has a pipe cleaner on the back that I used to attach it to the wreath.  The ornaments are attached with regular ornament hooks.

The pine cones we collected last month from trees behind our house.  I hot glued them to the wreath so they wouldn't fall out.

Christmas Wreath at Night

The red ribbon I pulled out of my box of present wrapping supplies.  I love to save bows, bags, and anything else from presents I've received.  It's always neat to find ways to reuse them on special gifts.  We have a curtain rod on the back of the front door (thanks to the previous owner) which I've tied the ribbon too.  You could also use the Pinterest-learned trick of attaching a Command hook upside down on the door to hook your ribbon to.

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