Saturday, January 12, 2013

Etsy Contest

If you've been on Etsy and especially if you run an Etsy shop, you may have heard of the Etsy contest.  Items change daily and there is usually some theme or category to pick items for that day (often price point).  It's a great way for new shops to get more exposure or for established shops to increase their visibility.

My new infinity scarf is included as part of today's Etsy contest choices.  You can use this link to go vote for my scarf and help increase it's visibility along with my shop!  Thanks in advance!

You can find this soft but structured infinity loop scarf in my Etsy shop along with other handmade crocheted scarves, a few doll hats, and several original canvas paintings.  New items are being added often!

And for those of you already on Etsy, check out the Etsy Contest team for some great fun and promotion!

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