Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Shower Ring Christmas Wreath Ornaments

This past Christmas I was looking for a fun, easy, and ultimately affordable gift that I could help my 5 year old son make to give away to his classmates.  I saw these yarn wrapped wreaths on Pinterest and decided to find a cheap way to make them.  

I started hunting around for something to use in place of the wooden rings, and I spotted a package of shower curtain rings at the dollar store.  My son has 12 kids in his class so a package of 12 shower curtain rings for whopping $1 sounded just right to me!  

I already had the red ribbon, glue, and of course scissors in our craft stash, and I picked up the ball of green yarn for less than $2, and the bow stickers were another $1 at the dollar store (These aren't really necessary because you can tie a bow with the ribbon as well).  So if you're keeping track, that's a grand total of $4 for gifts for the whole class!

Now to get started making the wreath.  First I tied a knot on the top part of the shower ring.  Hold onto the  yarn to keep it in place and start wrapping, keeping the yarn touching as you go.  Every few wraps, I put a little dot of glue to keep the yarn securely in place.

Then just keep wrapping.  

When you've covered the entire ring, make sure to glue down the loose end of the yarn.

Here's what the ring looks like when it's completely covered.  I bought the green shower rings just in case any of the ring showed through, but you can't see any of it if you wrap it close enough.  So you could use any color rings you find!  

Now add your embellishments.  We used these little glitter bows and tied a red ribbon on to hang it with.  You could add little gem stickers as ornaments on your wreath, wrap multiple colors of yarn to change up the look, or tie on your own bow.  Get creative!

We put them in these cute little plastic snack bags to hand out.

Hang them on your tree, or your cabinets, or a door knob, and enjoy!  

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  1. that's super creative and turned out so cute!! Someone should pin this ;)!