Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pine Cone Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

We've collected a bunch of pine cones recently as we've been outside enjoying the amazing fall weather.  I knew they would come in handy for preschool crafts, but I had no idea just how many adorable pine cone crafts and activities were out there!  I've compiled a list of ten of our favorites and what is now my pine-cone-craft-to-do-list to keep us busy throughout the upcoming holidays!

1.  Pine Cone Birdfeeder

It's a classic!  This simple, fun, and very useful craft is perfect for the little ones to make and then watch as the birds enjoy it too!
2.  Pine Cone Owl

Really, who can pass up an owl craft?  This little guy is just too adorable!  All you need is a little pine cone, felt, and some googly eyes.  And I love how he's sitting on a little branch too!

3.  Pine Cone Monsters

The page is in Swedish  but I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.  I love how they've even decorated the googly eyes!  These would make a fun Halloween party favor!  

4.  Pine Cone Reindeer

Every year we make a craft with the kids for them to give out as gifts at Christmas.  We've done ornaments and clothespin reindeer, but this little pine cone reindeer might be this year's craft.  

5.  Pine Cone Pumpkins

I thought these were carrots at first, but of course pumpkins make more sense this time of year!  Either way, they are just plain cute!  Make a bunch and put them in a bowl for a beautiful fall centerpiece.

6.  Pine Cone Toss Game

Play with your pine cones first, and then make a craft when you're done!  This would definitely be a fun game for all ages.  Play outdoors if the weather is nice or inside if it's not.

7.  Pine Cone Trees

Here's a tutorial for another version of the pine cone tree,  I like how they have a tree trunk made out of a thread spool.  The possibilities are endless on this one!

8.  Pine Cone Turkey

I could probably do a whole post just about pine cone turkey tutorials.  There are so many versions out there.  This is one of my favorites, using only a pine cone, construction paper, glue and googly eyes (which we always have around here!).

9.  Pine Cone Weather Station

Did you know you could predict the weather with pine cones?  Here's a great science experiment  where  little ones can observe the pine cones to predict what the weather will be like!  

10.  Pine Cone Cardinal

We live in Indiana where cardinals are the state bird, so when I saw this little guy I had to add him to our to do list!

Now that I know what to do with our pine cones, it's time to get started!  Only problem though is just to decide which one to make first!

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