Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Themed Sensory Tub

Fall is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner.  We are still finishing up a few of our dinosaur projects, but I couldn't wait any longer to get the Halloween things out!  This week we decorated our front porch for the spooky holiday, and we picked and added our mini pumpkins to the fall centerpiece on our table (look for that post tomorrow!).  And now we have our Halloween sensory tub!

I was very excited about the filler in this tub.  I wanted something that really stood out for fall and the first thing that came to mind was straw.  I found a good size bag of natural raffia in the clearance section at the store.  I cut it into straw size pieces and it looks really authentic!  

Also in the tub we have,

  • Small orange gourds
  • Fall colored leaves
  • Witch and Pumpkin shaped cookie cutters (Almost all of our tubs have cookie cutters that the kids can use with Play-doh while exploring the tub)
  • Various creepy crawlies - spiders, scorpions, ants
  • Spooky Halloween shapes - bat, skeletons, etc
  • Not pictured:  spider web (really just a couple cotton balls stretched and pulled apart - this was added after we put the spider web up on our porch)

I love how the tub turned out.  And the kids ask to explore it every day.  We have been talking about the different insects and counting their legs.  They love the shapes and feel of the gourds.  Although the ones in this tub our fake, the ones in the centerpiece on the table are real and they can compare them.  

After Halloween, I will remove the creepy crawlies and Halloween items.  I'm working on ideas for a Thanksgiving theme, with pilgrim and Native American items and things we are thankful for.  If you've got any good ideas for this share them in the comments!

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