Monday, December 12, 2011

Shopping List & Coupon Holder in One!

Today's blog is brought to you buy things that make my life easier.  I stumbled upon this little trick because every time I need to write down my grocery list I can never find a scrap piece of paper my kids haven't colored all over, and I never remember to put those magnetic shopping lists back on the fridge!

One day when I was planning my next shopping trip, I looked everywhere for something decent to write my list on.  The only blank thing in the entire house I could find was an envelope.  As it turns out, it's actually a great size for a shopping list, just long enough to cover everything I need and much sturdier than a regular sheet of paper too.  And the bonus that makes it the only thing I use to write my shopping lists now:  a perfect place to keep my coupons!  I used to always dig through my purse or my diaper bag (somehow this is where all my coupons end up) trying to find them while waiting in line at the checkout.  But now they are nicely tucked in the envelope I've been using to check off my list throughout the store.  And much quicker to reference to make sure I'm getting the right quantities or brand name for the coupon if necessary!

And when you're on a budget, like most of us are, the blank envelope also provides plenty of space for keeping a tally of your total as you're checking off your list.  Although those little magnetic shopping list pads are cute to hang on the fridge, I'll leave them for writing down a quick note or making a paper airplane for me son.  That is whenever I find them.  I'm pretty sure they disappear to the same place my Chapstick does after I use it once.  I wish I knew where that place was!

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