Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pretend Baby Wipes Case

I realize I haven't blogged in a while.  The majority of my blogs are about food, and I haven't been cooking much new lately and haven't been eating all that healthy either.  But I decided I'm not going to let that stop me from enjoying blogging.  This blog should be more than just what I cook.  I want to start sharing more of the activities we do with the kids, crafts,  snacks, or just any good ideas I come across (there's one every once in a while I think!).

Today is going to be about one of those good ideas.  Pinterest (my new obsession, seriously!) led me to this one.  Here's the link to the blog that was pinned:  The idea is brilliant really.  If you have a kid, they've undoubtedly at least once pulled every single wipe out of the baby wipes container.  Mine do it from the container I keep at the changing station and from the portable one in the diaper bag.  It drives me nuts, and when I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to do it!

This mom used a Huggies wipes case and took scraps of fabric and sewed them together for her son to pull out of the wipes case.  I'm terrible at sewing, so I took some old clothes that weren't in the best shape and just cut them up into shapes that somewhat resemble a rectangle.  I didn't sew them together, because this way they can pull them out one by one and toss them everywhere just like they do the real wipes!  I also couldn't find a regular wipes case not in use (although I swear there should be at least 10 around here somewhere), so I used a Kandoo flushable wipes case.  It's more colorful and I think works well for a pretend wipes case.

My 4 year old appears to love the idea, and he's the one who usually gets into my regular wipes.  However, he's quick to teach his baby sister everything so hopefully she enjoys the pretend wipes case as well.  I'm hoping this quick (and completely free!!) project saves me a lot of money by having no more wasted baby wipes!

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