Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

A day late, but hey it's still the weekend right?  Spring is here and for probably the first time ever I'm in spring cleaning mode!!  I have done so much over the past few days, and I am trilled with how things are looking so far.  I've also been without my camera for the past few days because I had to send it off for repairs.  Who knew you could get so much done around the house when you don't have hundreds of pictures to take and edit?!

Well most of my spring cleaning has been concentrated on the kitchen so far.  So that's where my wishlist focuses.  Thanks to a dear friend, I discovered FlyLady this week, and I am hooked.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that some stranger sending me emails would motivate me to clean more, but she does!

I've rearranged cabinets, cleaned out drawers, organized, thrown away junk, and shined my sink!  I've got plenty more on my to-do list in there, but a little at a time goes a long way.  Now I just keep daydreaming about all the things I'd really like to do with the kitchen.

Kitchen Dreams

Kitchen Dreams by c-russell featuring Trish McEvoy beauty products

First off, I still need to clean the stove which has me wishing I had a flat surface cooktop instead of the coils and drip pans!  I also wish we had a tile backsplash!  That would make such a big difference!  And I wish I had more kitchen towels because we go through so many of them now!  

I have probably a thousand plastic grocery bags that we save and reuse but I honestly don't think we'll ever use that many!  I'd love to make the switch to reusable grocery bags and REMEMBER to use them every time we go to the store!

I also wish I had a window above our kitchen sink.  I want to look out and see a beautiful tulip tree blooming right now!  Our kitchen sink faces the living room so instead I see the TV, which is nice too but not like looking at flowers!  Instead, I can stand at the backdoor with my cup of coffee like the woman in this picture.  I watch the birds and bunnies that are almost always in the backyard.  But seriously, I still wish we had one of those trees.  If I had my camera, I'd be stalking it like the paparazzi right now!

So what's your wishlist for this weekend?  I'm heading back into the kitchen to finish up my to-do list and probably fix another cup of coffee!  Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend!

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