Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowman Fridge

Frosty has returned again this year and before Christmas Day of course.  Decorating the refrigerator for the holidays is so easy and adds so much joy.  All it takes is a few pieces of construction paper and strip of wrapping paper!

Here's a picture of this year's snowman.  We got a little more creative this time.  My five year old said that snowmen have stick arms so we needed to add them too.  The top hat is also new this year.  Comparing it to our light-up snowman in the living room, we couldn't forget the black hat!

The eyes were made by tracing a bowl on a piece of black construction paper.  The buttons and mouth were made by tracing a drinking glass on the construction paper.  The nose was just cut out free hand.  I like the carrot shape I did this year much more than the plain triangle from last year!

Here's a picture of last's year's snowman fridge.  It's a little blurry I know, but someone was just a little too excited about having Frosty in the house!

*This idea is not mine.  The original came from Pinterest last year, but there are so many out there now I have no idea which one was first!

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