Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Maria Montessori!

Happy 142nd birthday Maria Montessori!  You may have seen it on Google this morning, but I bet many of you don't know who Montessori is.  If you've seen my recent post about delving into the Montessori methods, her methods are those I'm referring to.  She was a true pioneer in children's education, and developed and approach to learning that inspired children and adults around the world, and continues to do so.

Here's where the Google link will take you haven't clicked on it already:

I've had a couple of these links on my sidebar, but here are some of my new favorite Montessori and Montessori-inspired blogs:

These are my go to pages when I'm planning ideas for our weekly preschool themes at home.  All of these sites are jam packed with wonderful Montessori information.  From the few things we've done so far, I can say that Maria Montessori was a genius.  Her ideas were groundbreaking and have stood the test of time.  

Check out some of these amazing Etsy finds with Montessori education in mind:

Sometimes we tend to rush our kids through things, and force them to learn a certain thing or a certain way.  We over-complicate it for young minds.  At least I feel I have been guilty of that.  School and learning came very easy for me.  I don't remember the approach my early teachers used, and my degree was in computer technology, not early education.  But I feel that these methods, with the help of these amazing blogs, is making teaching my children easy and much more fun!

I can see their imaginations at work.  I can see how excited they get when they figure something out.  I can see their confidence grow as they learn and do more.  I'm eager to see what they learn next!  And with that, I'm off to finish up our last day of "Back-to-School" week.

Happy Birthday Maria! And Thank You!

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