Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July American Flag Craft

Happy Independence Day everyone!  Hope all of you are enjoying your holiday wherever you are.  We'll be heading to a party later today, but now we're just enjoying a quiet (HAHA) morning indoors.  We got our holiday started with a fun little craft that is proving to be quite entertaining!

American Flag Craft

I came across this blog, from a pin on Pinterest.  There are tons of cute craft ideas, and this one definitely looked fun and simple as the title indicated.  I love finding projects where I've got all (or at least enough to make it work) supplies on hand already.  On a side note, I think we must have the same table where we do our crafts!  Check out the link above for the step by step instructions and pictures on how to make the flag.

Fun Simple Flag Craft from "I Heart Crafty Things"
I decided to give my son some practice cutting with scissors instead of using torn paper.  He definitely needs more practice, but he's getting there!  I didn't have any star stickers so he used a white colored pencil to draw stars on the flag.  I drew a few for him and he colored them in, and then practiced drawing his own.  Stickers would have definitely been more fun and realistic.  As you can see in the last picture, they don't look much like stars at all!  

After we finished making the flag, we decided to kick this craft up a notch.  We took 4 jumbo Popsicle sticks and glued them together.  Turns out, there was no way the glue was going to hold up to a 4 year old waving a flag around, so we wrapped masking tape all the way around the "pole" to secure it.  An empty wrapping paper tube, yard stick, or paint stir sticks would make good poles as well.

Now he's been running around the house like crazy, which is typical actually, but this time he's waving around his new American flag.  Now lets just see if he remembers any of the fun facts we talked about.  Enjoy your holiday everyone!  Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Hi Casey! Thanks so much for linking back to my flag craft. I love the way your son's flag turned out. I especially love how you added the stick so he could run around with it. What a fun idea!

  2. PS- I love that we have the same table! :)