Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Covered Bottles

Oh how I love the craft projects I come across on Pinterest.  I saw this particular one the other day and absolutely loved the colors and the idea.  So easy!  Here is the original pin, however it only links back to a picture:

Today I raided the cabinet under the sink where I keep old bottles and containers I've saved.  I found three bottles that would work great and then I grabbed my favorite colors in yarn.  A little tacky glue for me and some construction paper and a glue stick to distract my toddler, and I was ready to begin.

Here is a picture of what I started with.  As you can see I used a wine bottle, beer bottle, and a glass Pepsi bottle.  I chose to do 3 different colors of yarn, but you could make them all the same color or even use multiple colors on each bottle.  I also removed the labels from the wine and beer bottles before I started.  The labels on the Pepsi bottle were painted on so I didn't bother with it.  I could have probably scratched them off or painted the bottle, but there's really no need when you are covering it up with the yarn.

To cover each bottle I started with a small amount of glue covering about 1 inch of the bottle all the way around at a time.  Work slowly turning the bottle as you go laying the yarn down over the glue, making sure to keep the yarn straight and close together.  Keep working adding more glue as you cover up each section all the way to the top.  You don't necessarily have to cover the entire bottle.  You could just cover a section in the middle, perhaps to just cover up a label and leave the rest of the bottle exposed, especially if it's a pretty color glass.  I honestly think the beer bottle turned out the best with the dark brown color of the bottle showing through slightly.  The other 2 bottles were clear (Note: the wine bottle in the picture above is not the one I actually ended up using.)

This is what the bottles look like finished sitting on the corner of my mantle.  I love how they turned out!  This was a super quick project and extremely easy to do.  I foresee doing this again in the near future!  I can already think of a few other spots I'd like to put them! 

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