Saturday, July 23, 2011

Low Carb Journey Update #3

Two weeks ago I was on cloud 9 with the progress I have made so far.  Today, not only is my head not in the clouds, I feel like I'm digging a hole to China!  The last 2 weeks have been challenging sticking to my goals and maintaining focus.  Several events opened up the opportunity to cheat, and I took more than one of those opportunities without even batting an eyelash!

It all started the night before my birthday.  That morning I had my best weigh in yet!  I was super excited about what I had achieved so I'm not sure what I was thinking when I allowed myself to indulge in chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant!  Perhaps I was thinking of it as a reward for getting to where I was.  More likely I just wasn't thinking at all, because a reward is not something that sabotages your hard work!  On my birthday, I completely let loose for lunch and broke the cardinal rule of low carbing:  I ate french fries!!  I also had a burger and a beer to go with them.  I enjoyed every bit of it, even the chocolate cake I ordered for dessert!  After all it was my birthday right?

That's what I kept telling myself.  Why not celebrate?  It's just one day.  Well it wasn't just one day.  It was the night before, the entire day of, and another meal or two over the next couple days.  Give in to the carbs once, and then cravings come back.  Full force!  And the price just wasn't worth it.  So much for my best weigh in yet.  I undid the last 3 weeks worth of work!  And I'm still fighting cravings again! At last Monday's weigh in, I still hadn't taken off all the weight I'd gained with the cheats, but at least the scale was moving in the right direction again.

Thursday I came down with a cold and yesterday was absolutely horrible.  I forced myself to eat a good breakfast, but for lunch I had absolutely not desire to cook (that required standing up and my head did not want my body to be in that position!) and therefore we opted for a fast food lunch.  It was a terrible cheat.  Not only was the food bad for me, but because of my cold I couldn't even taste the food.  I didn't even get to enjoy that part of it!  I didn't want to fix dinner last night either, but I think the chicken broth I opted for was better than most other things I could have chosen.  And I'm certain it's helped me to feel better today.

Now, I still have the cold, but I also feel I have more focus.  I had a great breakfast and lunch today.  I'm looking forward to a great dinner of chicken and fresh veggies tonight.  In two days I will have another weigh in, and I'm hoping that I've mitigated some of the damage!  Also, we pushed back Alia's first birthday party because of everyone being sick so now I have even more time to plan the best party fare for all.  I'm looking forward to a great week next week, more progress, and more determination than ever to stick to the plan!

PS:  Only 47 days till the wedding!! =)

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