Thursday, May 5, 2011

I know it's been a long while since I've posted on here.  I keep meaning to come back to this and keep running into other things that take priority.  I haven't forgot about my resolutions and goals however, and I've been working on some new things to help achieve them!  Recently we started on a low carb diet.  I'm not following a specific diet like Atkins, but I have been trying out a few of their products.  We are simply just cutting out the vast majority of bad carbs from our diet!  The first week, when I kept myself on target the most, I lost almost 6 pounds!  SUCCESS!  Then Easter came along and so did a bunch of Easter candy and then a gazillion other reasons to "cheat" a little, and well the weight loss came to a quick halt.

This week I've been trying out a lot of new low carb recipes, and we're finding some new and different things that we enjoy on this diet.  I'm hooked on this website:  It's filled with yummy low carb recipes and most of them include pictures as well as the nutritional info for the recipe.  She also includes comments about how the recipe turned out, what to change, and other good tips.  It's been a huge help in transitioning some of our favorite meals to lower carb versions.  In celebration of Cinco de Mayo this evening I made chicken enchiladas with low carb tortillas and used her recipe for Mexican rice using grated cauliflower.  The texture isn't exactly that of rice but the flavor was spot on and was an excellent substitute.  Tomorrow, I'll be using the rest of the grated cauliflower to do a Asian style fried rice.

I'm trying to get the diet and overall healthy living back on track.  The countdown to our wedding is definitely underway and Operation Beachbody is a must, especially since we've already booked the honeymoon cruise!  I'll try to keep posting here any new and delicious recipes I come across.  Try them out on your own as well! Lets keep each other motivated!

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